The Real Advent of Electrical Transformers

When it comes to power poles of power supplies, electrical transformers  would always splay an important role. Transformers are of big help when it comes to the distribution of isolate signals, power, and the creation of voltage so that ignition may be sparked. Transformers are also meant to send electrical signal from a coil wire to that of the other. This can even concert an electrical current so that it may vary. This is how it is modified to a changing magnetism. This is going to return to the electrical current later on.

As true to many inventions out there, these transformers did not appear on the scene just like that. It has gone through a chain of inventions and discoveries before it appeared the way it did today. This is also linked together. It has evolved into the transformer that it is today because of the years it has been improved.

picture transformer


The Start

It was almost 2800 years ago when the discovery was made by the Chinese and the Greeks. They were the one who first noticed that way lodestone attract. Since there was this attraction, Greeks coined the term magnets.

Transformers did not face advancements right away of course. It only happened after the late 1500’s. This was the time when it reached beyond that of lodestone. This became true because of William Gilbert. He was a mathematician. He was the very first to every use scientific methods so that the phenomenon of magnetism can be investigated. In the year 1600, the popularity of magnets was also witnessed. This was when the findings about magnetism were published.


It was between the years 1785 and 1791 when another milestone was taken. Charles Coulom was responsible for this. He was a mathematician who published papers meant to show the inverse square laws of repulsion. This involved both magnetic and electrical force. Magnetism and electricity suddenly become connected.


In the year 1820, Hans Christian Oersted had an important discovery about electrical current. This was observed through a coil of wire which was produced because of the presence of magnetism. Through this discovery, it was known that electricity would be the primary cause of magnetism. This was the reason why it turned out to be an important or crucial step in the invention of transformer.


More ideas poured in in 1831. This led to the full understanding of transformers. Electro-magnetic induction was discovered by the ever famous Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry. They were responsible in finding the changes in magnetic field. This is seen around a coil of wire. This can induce electrical current in the coil itself.


With the aforementioned, the basic principles of transformer can be fully comprehended. The variations, even though there are still many, are just the same. Needless to say, a transformer would change electrical energy coming from a current in a sole coil. This is true to the wire which comes with a fluctuating magnetic field. This would pass its energy to another current. This is how the process has been.