How Japanese Knotweed Removal May Be Necessary For The Health Of Your Property

While many people think that they can get around not performing Japanese Knotweed removal, allowing the invasive plant to continue growing is a huge mistake that may end up costing home owners a lot more than they thought possible. This is because the plant is able to cross distances that most people would not think possible, and is able to grow in conditions that would stop other plants from flourishing. Some of the conditions that it flourishes in can actually be found within the home itself, threatening the structural integrity of the entire building.

Japanese Knotweed removal

The first place where knotweed is well known to cause problems is of course in the garden. With the ability to grow as fast as 4cm in a single day, the weed is able to quickly overtake anything that has been planted in the area, choking the life out of other plants. For anyone who has worked hard on their garden, this can be heartbreaking and a major cause of stress. This can often lead to the loss of careful landscaping and even make it necessary to replant the grass in one’s garden once the infestation has been dealt with.

The second place where it can cause issues is in fencing or edging. The plant has extremely strong roots and is able to push up from under shallow fencing and edging. This can move or even destroy carefully placed fences. This is obviously a problem for anyone who has pets or who is trying to keep their garden looking neat.

The third place that it can cause problem is in the actual home itself. Because the plant can grown anywhere that it can eventually access dirt, it can actually grow through the foundation of a home. All it takes it a small crack for the plant to begin putting down roots, and over a few years it can cause major damage and create a veritable minefield of root systems underneath the home as well. This type of damage is not cheap to repair, and can also render areas unsafe.

This type of damage can also be done to thinks like sidewalks, garden sheds, park walkways, and more. Worst of all most people won’t even know that there is a problem until the plant has put down roots deep within any crack that it can find, making it difficult to get it out without causing further damage.

This is the number of reason that anyone who finds knotweed in their garden should work towards eliminating it as quickly as possible. Japanese Knotweed removal is actually quite cheap and the people who undertake this type of work are extremely thorough with their clean-up efforts. While it may be possible to do this type of removal on your own, most people will find that hiring on a professional to ensure that the work is done correctly is going to be the best course of action and will ensure the best results.